pnc - Online Marketing Consulting | SEO | Social Media | SEM | Workshops
pnc - Online Marketing Consulting | SEO | Social Media | SEM | Workshops
pnc - Online Marketing Consulting | SEO | Social Media | SEM | Workshops
pnc - Online Marketing Consulting | SEO | Social Media | SEM | Workshops
pnc - Online Marketing Consulting | SEO | Social Media | SEM | Workshops
pnc - Online Marketing Consulting | SEO | Social Media | SEM | Workshops
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Online Marketing Consulting
Ritchie Pettauer
Social Media | SEO | SEM | Content Marketing | Blogs

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Online Marketing Consulting | Corporate Blogs | SEO | SEM | Social Media | Content Marketing | Web Analytics

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Ritchie Pettauer, Online Marketing Consultant

Ritchie Pettauer

Online Marketing Expert

Hi and welcome, I'm an online marketing consultant and associate lecturer at the University of Vienna, Austria. I specialize in strategic online marketing, social media workshops, management coaching and corporate blogging.

In 2002 I founded pnc | pettauer.net Consulting. Among my clients are international corporations like A1, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Erste Group, Swarovski and Red Bull as well as various start-ups and communication experts.

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Years of online marketing experience


Keynotes, talks and workshops


Blog postings on datadirt and datenschmutz


Worn-out smartphones and PDAs

My professional Services

Strategic Consulting for all your online projects, workshops, coachings, development and optimiziation of corporate blogging projects.

Online Marketing Consulting

Evaluation and development of online projects, internal workshops, search engine optimization.

Coachings and Workshops

Corporate Workshops on Social Media / SEO / Blogging, one-on-one trainings, management coaching, web analytics

Corporate Blogs

Market research, editorial planning, technical concepts, corporate blogging workshops / trainings, ongoing coaching and support.

Keynotes and Lectures

Keynotes at web conferences, courses at (applied) universities, moderation of panel discussions.

Ritchie Pettauers Job Profile

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. ~ Rumi

  1. Founder, CEO

    pnc - pettauer.net Consulting

    Since 2002 I consult my clients and help them to embrance the full potential of the social web.

  2. Member of the Board


    netidee.at is the biggest Austrian promotion that finances public value web projects.

  3. General Secretary

    Austrian Internet Steering Comittee [Internetrat]

    As a board member of the AISC I'm responsible for all matters that touch question of net ethics.

  4. Associate Lecturer at the Department of Science of Communication

    University of Vienna

    I teach courses on media theory, social media and online journalism.

  5. Associate Lecturer at Lektor | Master Degree Program "Digital Marketing"

    University of Applied Sciences Kufstein

    I teach courses on customer experience management and social media / web analytics.


A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

New Media Management

University of Vienna IPK

Online journalism, social media tools, web publishing technologies and best practices.



since 2014

Scientific Methods in Communication Research

University of Vienna, IPK

Scientific methods and techniques, online tools for researchers, big data, new media philosophy.



since 2008

Customer Experience Management

FH Kufstein

Touchpoint management, customer journey analysis, content marketing, storytelling and conversion-based marketing.



since 2013

Social Media and Web Analytics

FH Kufstein

Monitoring, web analytics tools, customized dashboards, social media roi, performance tracking, campaign planning.



since 2014

Objectivity is a subject's delusion that observing can be done without him. Involving objectivity is abrogating responsibility – hence its popularity.

- Heinz von Foerster -

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